Underbite Correction

Jaw Surgery Alternatives


There are several alternative ways to correct an underbite with restorative dentistry.  If the malocclusion is mild, the underbite can be corrected with porcelain veneers.  Porcelain veneers are eggshell thin pieces of porcelain bonded directly to the existing tooth structure.  When applied to the upper teeth, the porcelain veneers give the appearance of the teeth being brought forward in the mouth.  This creates the illusion of a more normal bite relationship rather than a protruding lower jaw, resulting in a more attractive smile.



At times it will be necessary to temporarily open the patient's occlusion, or bite, with a removable appliance such as a bite plate or “Snap on Smile” before proceeding with permanent restorations.  These temporary appliances allow the jaws and the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) to adjust to a new open jaw relationship prior to placing permanent crowns or porcelain veneers.  These appliances may also serve as a model of the final restorations so the patient has the opportunity to see what the final teeth and smile will look like prior to completion of treatment.



Patient with Class III Underbite

Temporary “Snap on Smile”

“Snap on Smile” Inserted Preview of Final Cosmetic Improvement


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